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One Word To Describe Toyota’s Future Car – BORING!


Toyota Motor Company is famous for producing vehicles that are of top notch quality and offer impeccable performance. On the road experience of any Toyota vehicle is pleasant and serene without any doubt and the fan following all across international waters is in millions and billions. The automotive company is famous for its dedication towards safety and security of its passengers and the incorporation of technologically updated and innovative safety features that are compromised in competitive vehicles. The automotive company just announced that it will not be focusing on the development of connecting and self driving cars but focus on the most important and primary issue with cars – Safety!

Technologically Toyota never wows with its out of the box thinking and the same thing was to be experience in Toyota’s future car. The fuel cell powered Toyota was nothing more than uneventful from the normal petrol and diesel fueled Toyota’s. The feel of the vehicle with the technological features are more or less the same as Hydrogen cell powered Toyota and the ‘future’ element is lacking considerably. You will need to step up Toyota if you plan to make a mark in the innovative category because what you offered plain and simple just does not cut it.