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Owning A Corvette Doesn’t Make You The King Of The World!


It is almost everyone’s dream to get their hands on a classic vehicle that they can proudly call their own. People don’t usually get to fulfill that fantasy since owning a classic vehicle will cost you a lung and a kidney at the least. However if with some luck you do get the car of your dreams it is next to unbelievable. You are on cloud number 9 and nothing and no one can take you down from there. Even though we are all happy you got what you wanted that most important thing is to stay humble. It does not make you the king of the world as seen by the story below.

An owner of a brand new slick white Corvette must have been high in the clouds literally when he decided to park his car in the worst possible manner showing off and flaunting the beauty he possessed. How ever with so many daredevils out there this guy got the messaged he deserved. A driver of a mud covered Jeep saw the completely arrogant parking and decided to teach hi ma lesson by parking his jeep so close to the band new Corvette where just a single scratch from the jeep would have completely ruined the Corvette’s beauty. The Corvette owner after seeing the danger his prized possession was in decided to drive off before something actually happened. We take a bow to you Jeep driver!