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Who Says Painting of Wornout Car Parts needs Time?

General Electric is an American conglomerate that comes in Fortuen 500 companies. It has invested a lot in research and development to give best to the domestic and international market.  The cold spray technology has been introduced by General Electric a few years before.

As according to an anonymous survey; the technology can also work for cars and its parts aside from metals. Till now we see the video getting viral, but no steps have been taken from automobile parts manufacturers to use this technology. The expectations are that synchronization will reduce the cost of paint to half. It will also give a new life to even those car parts that have rusted. But the requirement is that lead time should be further reduced. It is expected to be a good step in instant painting of worn-out car and its different parts.

The expectations are high that this technology can help in painting of different parts of car easy, as now one can have the technology used at home as well. Hence this will reduce the overall hassle of visit to mechanic reduced to half. The moment you see rust anywhere you can instantly paint it for further damage avoidance.

The video below shows the Cold Spray technology: