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Parenting 101 – Conquering The Car Seat!


One of the most difficult tests in one’s life is not that of a medical case or that or a bar exam for law studies or any such academic endeavor. It is when you hold the new born baby of yours in your hands and you know that moment when you are responsible for the safety and protection of this tiny thing. More over this bundle of joy is extremely uncooperative crying at the most intense and excruciating of moments making you feel like your life is going down a spiral.

Well for all new parents out there here is a piece of news that will scare you even more. The ride your child takes from the hospital to your home is often the most dangerous and that is due to your inability to correctly fix a car seat. According to research and studies it has been found that 93% off new parents make a grave mistake of putting the child in the car seat and buckling the car seat with the safety belt. It is therefore thoroughly advised that before the bundle of joy arrives you should practice on a dummy doll so that when you perform the same action on your little baby he or she remains 100% safe and secure.