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Pay Per Mile Road Taxes Now Coming To You?


It is the next big thing that is coming to the automobile market and the economic sustainably. As out cars get more fuel efficient, the aim is to use less fuel to get extra mileage thus reducing the fuel consumption as well as the gasoline tax imposed on the consumer. The new and improved way to battle this conundrum has been to introduce the pay as you drive tax to replace the tax tied to gasoline usage.

It is aimed that numerous states including Oregon, Minnesota, Nevada and California will introduce the pilot programs that will use devices similar to that of car insurance to track mileage and driving styles of drivers who opt to use the device. The pay-per-mile tax coes as an underhanded punishment to those drivers who choose to drive efficient vehicles like hybrids or electric vehicles. The newly altered method of tax imposition is aimed at driving fewer miles than than burning less gas and fuel.