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People Actually Walk A Horse Down A Road With A TRUCK!!!!


All of us like to take care of our pets, make sure they well fed, thoroughly pampered, given the highest amount of attention and no way feel neglected. We do that by playing with them, taking them out for a walk, play fetch or run around the bush or just plain old cuddle with them to make sure they are given the love they deserve. Apparently people are going a few steps forward to show their affection for their beloved.

Hawai island of Maui has one of the most caring pet owners anyone could ask for. Keoni Feiteira was out on the roads of Hawaii when he witnessed what could be the picture of the year. A horse tied to a truck walking through in intersection happily along the road. The first thing that comes to mind is the animal abuse that could potentially be happening at that very moment but the good samaritan was actually help the horse and getting it to safety a short distance away. Not only that while the horse was trotting along the truck the emergency lights were constantly blinking making sure no other car hurt the animal in any way nor push the horn to hard that could result the beast to freak out. This was a testimony to the faith in humanity restored and the happy animal in the hands of a safety provider. Kudos to you my friend. Keep the good coming as this world needs it now more than ever!