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Police Catch Thief After A 12 Hour Car Chase!


Car chase shows are simply the best for a car fanatic like me. Getting to watch the police chase the bad guys through the heavy traffic, with visuals from the helicopters above, at high speed, risky turns and downright action packed ride. However most of the times the thieves are caught but the 1 percent of the time they manage to escape is enjoyed by the element of thrill and curiosity of human nature.

In recent news in Ballina the Police was involved in a cat and mouse chase after a 24 year old man who was found driving a stolen Ford Falcon. The car chase with the police tailing the rider close by went on for 12 whole hours. The police began their run after the rider on Sandy Beach where the driver was speeding the vehicle at a 100 km/h in a 50km/h area. The police halted the chase due to danger of losing human lives on the road. However later on the police went fro strategic tactics putting up road spikes in the riders potential route. The plan succeeded with the two tires bursting leading to the thief’s arrest. Now THATS what you call the chase of a lifetime!