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Pope’s Relatives Die In Gruesome Car Crash!

Pope Francis in South Korea 2014

One of the worst things about death is that you never see it coming. It may be due to a long and painful illness for which you are to some extent prepared for the eminent to happen. However if when the angel of death strikes in the most shocking manner you are left stunned and shocked to the core. Automobile accidents are one such way that take many many lives all over the world every single day. No matter how safe the vehicle is, how responsible the driver is or how careful everyone was on the road, when its time there is nothing that can change what could have happened.

Pope Francis has undergone such a shocking and life disturbing news of the accident involving his nephew, his wife and his two sons. The accident proved to be fatal for the children and the mother whereas the Pope’s nephew is in critical condition at the moment. The Pope is greatly saddened by the shocking news and ask for prayers and support from the people. The Pope himself in a statement made just a few days ago said that he may himself only a year or two more left of his life. The car was in a gruesome crash with a truck where the smashed vehicle later caught on fire. The children and the mother died before reaching the hospital whereas the nephew was claimed to not be in a stable condition.