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Porsche Comes With A Bang With Brilliant Advertising!


It is all about the mind share and the heart share in the modern business world. It has become a norm in this fast paced world that no matter how fine and excellent quality product you make, until and unless you reach the minds of the customers you will not be successful. Due to this mindset, you can see companies big and small heavily investing in marketing and advertising activities. This has become a necessity to ensure that your product stands out at the recall and recognition rate accompanied with positive emotions and familiarity. Well one company which is doing the process brilliantly is none other than Porsche!

Porsche prides itself in standing out in the crowd and it has used its highlighting feature to back its advertising campaign. Porsche has fitted digital billboards all over Australia that detects that is Porsche is coming from a distance and when it does it blares a message on its screen saying, “It’s so easy to pick you out in a crowd!”. Porsche owners have been loving the concept and the singular attention that is being fawned all over them with other drivers looking over with envy. Kudos to the marketing team on that one!