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President Obama’s Strong Support For Car To Car Communication!


With the technological revolution being experienced all over the world, the aim of the individuals in strong and commanding positions is to take strategic and influential decision that would be beneficial for the growth and further progress. This results in the future security and making the community prosper in a more refined way than before.

The President of United Stated of America, Obama is one such avid supported of the cause of automobile industry growth. The President who recently visited the Turner Fairbank Highway Research Center, showed his interest and support on car to car communication and the safety technology that is being implemented at the moment. He impressed upon the need for investing and added funds for the Highway Trust Fund in order to make the progress possible. The President is of the opinion that smart technology is not only safer and more reliable upholding the sanctity of human life but also very beneficial for the economy. Already passing the ruling to support such projects till May, the President appealed to the Congress to find am roe permanent solution to the problem. The plan to further built the infrastructure of roads, bridges, airports, transport and related factors is of high importance for a bright future.