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Real Madrid Fans Take Their Anger Out On Gareth Bale’s Car!


With great power comes great responsibility. Or maybe it should be with great fame comes great responsibility nowadays. It is no shocking news that celebrities be it actors, actresses, politicians, sport stars or any other type of individuals who fall in the famous category have to got through a lot of stalking and demeaning comments if things are not up to their fan’s standards. The paparazzi does little to help by invading their private lives obsessively without any regard of what the person may or may not be going through in their personal lives.

Real Madrid which is Spain’s biggest soccer club has a fan following in millions or billions from all over the world. The football players have a lot to show for their presence in the club an when that does not happen, the fans will go wild. In the recent match against Athletico Madrid, the team lost 2-1 failing to grab those three points to take them to the top spot. The fans were not pleased with the performance and on top of that when players refused to sign autographs after the match the fans decided to throw a little tantrum of their own. Two fans kicked the white Bentley belonging to Gareth Bale making contact of the foot with the vehicle. Uncool guy, very uncool!