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Reasons Why I Love Public Transportation!!


In numerous corners of the world, you’ll see people who prefer public transportation rather than commuting in their own vehicle. They may take the subway or a taxi or a bus or car pool but wont take their car to work. There are numerous reasons for such inclinations in the world where car ownership is becoming considerably cheaper and a sound investment. New York is one of the cities that has a record low number of vehicle ownerships and the major trend is towards the usage of public transportation. Looking into the mind of such individuals we have come up with the reasons why people love traveling by public transportation!

An Increase In Exercise!

Commuting through public transport allows the individual to get more exercise and to be more physically active. In order to get to the spot where you will get the ride from, we have to walk a couple of miles or so and that helps us in getting the physical exercise that we would miss if we travel by our own transportation.

Helps The Environment!

Public Transportation plays a huge role in helping the environment. If everyone commuted by their own cars it would result in huge traffic jams and the amount of air pollution as a result of that would be devastating for the environment.

Owning A Vehicle Is Expensive!

It is no news that owing a vehicle is expensive. With the hike in petrol prices, the additional costs of maintaining and repairing a vehicle with servicing costs a lot more than the payment for public transportation fare.

More Time For Other Activities

Sitting on a bus or a subway, you have more time to pursue other activities. You can read a book you’ve been wanting you on your way to work, catch up with your travel buddies, meet new people and a lot ore without the hassle of paying attention while driving.