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Reckless Driving and Video Games


There are two schools of thoughts on relationship of video games to reckless driving. One believes that a computer generated laboratory stimulated program has no impact on real time driving, while the other show stats that confirm that over the years, accidents by teens have multiplied specially in those involved in gaming.

An online survey was conducted for this purpose, where the focus group of gamers and non-gamers were identified and a questionnaire was filled by them. After that interview was conducted for cross questioning their answers to find out the crux.

It was found that those who were an active gamer and preferred car racing games had the aggressive feeling while driving. This led to ticket charging because of passing red light, wrong way drive, speeding and much more. Though in normal situations these things might happen to non-gamers as well, but the frequency is high in car gamers.

As according to psychologist, the brain cannot differentiate between virtual and real situation leading to such mishap. It is highly recommended that limited time should be spent on gaming.

As in the test of concentration and reaction time gamers win, making them more efficient in maneuvering. So discontinuation of gaming altogether will also bring negativity.