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Recreational Used Tire Usage Will Make Your Jaw Drop!


Art comes in all forms and shapes and sizes. It can be inspired by something wonderful or from something downright tragic or sad or horrific. It is the source of inspiration that drives the artist to think outside the box and to be inspired by things normally people will not give a second glance to. It might be sourced from the most precious of moments to the most insignificant memories. No matter how it is given birth to, the end result is so awestriking that it just takes our breath away.


We recently came across something that could not have believed until witnessed on our own. Inspired by the usage of old tire, Korean artist Yong Ho Ji came up with the most impressive and out of the box idea. The artist used old tires and slashed them to create structures and sculptures are that jaw droopingly amazing. As you can see from the picture the detail and thought put into the picture is downright amazing. The unique aesthetic beauty brought forward through such an artistic move clearly shows that recycling can be done in the most beautiful ways possible if only one opens their mind to acceptance and recreation. Hands down the best use of tires to date.