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Robots To Get Driving Licenses Finally!


The thing every automobile fanatic was waiting for is finally happening! California aiming to keep its stature as the legal arbitrator of the automobile world will be taking applications in July which will be taking effect in September. The licenses in question are for the self driving vehicles which are the very first in their own kind enabling the ones behind the wheel to enjoy their robotic companion.


While the state is taking in applications for robotic cars there are certain conditions that must be met in this scenario. The car will require a sober, attentive and insured human being with a license of his own to be present in the car. This requirement is on top of the list so that the human being can take over the vehicle in case of any technical glitch or hiccup that might occur. The licenses will cost $150 with a must of $5 million insurance policy. The law in this regarded is highly favorable towards the personnel who have been striving to have a go at the robocars. The law all the while insures that the human being present will not sleep their way to work and back in order to ensure complete attention even if the responsibly is in the hands of their beloved robot.