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Rock Stars Save Woman Car Crash!


Life itself is the greatest mystery that every man comes across. You do not know who you are going to meet, who you will make friends will, how your life will move with the flow, the people you are going to meet and the effect they will have on our life, who your guardian angel will be and who will be the one wrecking it all up. So when you take the driving seat in your car you are completely unaware of what will happen to you in the next few minutes and who will be there to save you.

That is exactly what a woman in Buckinghamshire experienced on the M40 motorway when her car crashed and smoke started coming out of the engine. A stroke of luck hit when the rock star band The Script were on their way to London from Manchester after a performance and saw the crashed vehicle. They ran out to pull the woman out of the car who mentioned that she could not move her legs in the aftermath of the car crash. Who knew that your guardian angel would be your favorite band and they would end up saving your life!