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Russian Footballer Wrecks His Brand New Aston Martin!


When you are a kid you really are a kid. You might know what is written on the price tag but you sure cannot fathom the importance of that piece and its beyond your comprehension. What is most surprising is that fame and fortune makes no difference in the world that way. One of the most popular and elite sport in the world is none other than football itself. Footballer players are the richest sports personnel in the whole world and their life and way of living is beyond even our imagination.

A 15 year Russian footballer playing as goal keeper for the Zenith-84 football club, just purchased a brand new Aston Martin a few days back the vehicle is one of the most elite automobiles that is  custom made by order. The classy ride was purchased by the famous footballer who himself does not possess a driver’s license hence he could not drive it. However just three days after the purchase, the vehicle was found crashed and completely in ruins while its owner had fled the scene. Not only was the beauty tarnished but the kid might face some jail time as well. Kids will be kids.