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S-Drive By Samsung – Drive Safe, Get Rewards!


It comes as no surprise that thousands of people die on the road from all over the world due to reckless driving, severe accidents,     driving under the influence and inattentive behavior on the road. One such person afflicted with brain injuries due to a devastating crash in Australia was Jared Ingram in 2006. He is presently going through a difficult recovery process and is an active figure to induce safety programs for on the road driving that can prevent even one life from becoming a statistic.


Inspired by Jared’s story, Samsung launched an unbelievable and amazing Launching People project that has been introduced to make a difference on the road with safety assists specifically for the younger generation that are highly technologically aware and usage of which usually results in life threatening accidents. Samsung S Drive provides an app on all Samsung GALAXY phones that actually prevent the usage of cell phones while driving. The phone that can be fitted in your car dock provides information of nearby cars approaching, allows incoming messages to be verbally communicated and replied verbally without touching the mobile during driving. Also provides verbal warning if the driver touches the cellphone and most of all provides a 3 tier reward system. From getting points on sign up the rewards stakes go up with the number of points achieved. It allows the driver to invite friends to S-Dive to form a Drive Team to keep each other motivated for safe driving. This has proved to be an incredible initiation of Samsung’s part that has injected a safety vibe among the drivers.