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Samsung Smart Bike – Ride Towards The Future!


Samsung is included in the innovative companies of the century through its presence in numerous sectors and its high performance and technological up-gradation in every single one of them. From conquering the mobile sector, Samsung new direction is in the automobile category. The tech geniuses at Samsung has introduced their new proposition to the world – the Samsung Smart Bike.


The unique and innovative two wheel transportation automatically connects to the Samsung smart phone to enable the fitted sensors, GPS and additional safety features. The super sleek and curved design Smart Bike is engineered in such a way that it provides smoothness and reduces roughness even on the most uneven of terrains. The bike is elevated to a whole new level with the fitting of a rear view camera, laser light fitted at the front for individualized bike lane, handle bar mounted smart phone frame and could potentially provide Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in future productions. with Samsung’s history of surprising its huge fan base with the most innovative and appealing features it is yet to unveil what the Smart Bike has to offer. Updated and fitted with the latest technological breakthrough it can be safety said that it just might be the two person ride of the future. Lets see what Apple has to say to that!