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Saudi Prince A Victim Of Car Theft and Robbery In Paris!


The incidents of theft and robberies have been escalating recently at a very high rate nowadays. Crimes that used to be difficult to manage have been made quite easier with the easy accessibility of guns and cyber hacking techniques. The common man never knows from where some one might come up and put a gun to his head and for the sake of his life and safety he will give anything and everything he has in that moment in time. However that is not limited to a common man anymore. The reports of a Saudi Prince being robbed in Paris, the fashion capital of the world, has been covering all the front pages of the news.

Saudi’s who are famous all over the world for their lack of compassion for thefts and robberies became a victim of such an incident in Paris. A Saudi prince traveling in his car at the highway interchange was ambushed by armed robbers. The multiple assailants however did not injure anyone present in the car. They took large sums of money and the car along with it where as the passengers were left without any harm on the side of the road. Apparently no one is safe from such incidents anymore.