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Second Hand Cars in Kenya: Top 5 Picks for 2024

Second Hand Cars in Kenya: Top 5 Picks for 2024

In the bustling automotive landscape of Kenya, the market for second-hand cars is thriving. As 2024 starts, we delve into the top 5 picks for second hand cars in Kenya, examining their features, performance, and overall value. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or a first-time buyer, these vehicles offer a compelling blend of reliability and affordability.

Toyota Corolla Fielder 2020:


Our first contender, the Toyota Corolla Fielder, continues to be a stalwart in the second-hand car market in Kenya. Additionally, renowned for its fuel efficiency and durability, the Corolla is a popular choice among Kenyan drivers. Furthermore, the second-hand market sees an influx of well-maintained Corollas. It, in turn, provides a cost-effective option for those looking for a reliable vehicle.

It has a price range of around KES1.2 million, depending on the condition. That is why second-hand Corolla Fielders in Kenya offers a sweet spot for budget-conscious buyers. Consequently, the price of second-hand cars in Kenya is often influenced by factors such as mileage, maintenance history, and additional features.

SBT Japan, a trusted name in the automotive industry, has a notable presence in the Kenyan market. Buyers can explore their extensive inventory to find quality second-hand Corolla Fielders with confidence.

Nissan X-Trail 20X 2019:

NISSAN XTRAIL 2019 f.jpg

For those seeking a blend of versatility and style, the Nissan X-Trail stands out as an excellent choice in the second-hand car market in Kenya. That is why this compact SUV has gained popularity for its spacious interior, off-road capabilities, and advanced safety features.

When exploring the price of second-hand cars for sale in Kenya, the Nissan X-Trail 20X offers competitive pricing. This makes it an attractive option for families and adventure enthusiasts alike. The price for a used one is around KES1.2 million. SBT Kenya, a reputable player in the automotive import scene, often features a diverse selection of second-hand X-Trails, providing buyers with ample choices.

Honda Fit E HEV HOME 2022:

Honda Fit E HEV HOME

The Honda Fit E HEV HOME is known for its compact design and fuel efficiency. That is why it secures its place in the top 5 picks for second-hand cars in Kenya for 2024. Ideal for urban commuting, the Fit boasts a surprisingly spacious interior and nimble handling.

In the second-hand market, Honda Fit models present an affordable entry point for budget-conscious buyers. When considering the price of second-hand cars in Kenya, the Honda Fit often emerges as a wallet-friendly option without compromising on reliability. The price of E HEV HOME is approximately KES1.9 million. SBT Japan’s platform can be a valuable resource for finding well-maintained second-hand Honda Fit models in Kenya.

Mazda Demio 13C 2018:

MAZDA DEMIO 2008 0a6149bfa77580456b2788155a4c33d4.jpg

The Mazda Demio 13C, a compact hatchback with a reputation for reliability and fuel efficiency, earns its place as a top contender in Kenya’s second-hand car market. With its stylish design and agile handling, the Demio 13C is a popular choice for urban dwellers and small families.

Exploring the price of second-hand cars in Kenya reveals that the Mazda Demio offers an affordable alternative without sacrificing performance. The price starts from around KES500000. SBT Kenya, with its commitment to quality, often features a range of second-hand Demios in their inventory. It provides buyers with a reliable source for their automotive needs.

Subaru Legacy Outback 2022

Subaru Legacy Outback

For those with a taste for adventure and rugged terrain, the Subaru Legacy Outback is a standout option in the second-hand car market in Kenya. Known for its all-wheel-drive capability and robust build, the Legacy Outback is a favorite among off-road enthusiasts.

While the price of second-hand cars in Kenya can vary, it starts from KES4 million. The Subaru Outback offers a unique proposition for those seeking a reliable and capable crossover. SBT Japan, with its global reputation, serves as a dependable platform for buyers to explore and purchase second-hand Subaru Legacy Outback in Kenya.

Price of Second-Hand Cars in Kenya:

Understanding the dynamics that influence the price of second-hand cars in Kenya is crucial for prospective buyers. Factors such as the vehicle’s age, mileage, condition, and additional features play a significant role in determining its market value. The Toyota Corolla and Honda Fit often offer budget-friendly options. However, the Nissan X-Trail, Mazda Demio, and Subaru Outback cater to those seeking specific features, with prices reflecting their attributes.

SBT Japan and SBT Kenya:

In the realm of second-hand cars, SBT Japan and its wing, SBT Kenya, emerge as prominent players, known for their commitment to quality and extensive inventory. SBT Japan, a global exporter of used cars, provides Kenyan buyers with access to a diverse range of vehicles, including popular models like the Toyota Corolla and Honda Fit. On the other hand, SBT Kenya, as a local branch, ensures a seamless transaction process and reliable sourcing of second-hand cars within the country.

Navigating the Second-Hand Car Market:

When embarking on the journey of purchasing a second-hand car in Kenya, buyers should exercise due diligence. Thoroughly inspecting the vehicle’s history and maintenance records and conducting a test drive are essential steps in ensuring a satisfactory purchase. Additionally, leveraging the expertise and reputation of platforms like SBT Japan and SBT Kenya provides an added layer of confidence, assuring buyers of the quality of their chosen vehicle.

Transitioning to Sustainable Mobility:

As the automotive landscape undergoes a global shift towards sustainability, the second-hand car market in Kenya reflects this trend. Buyers are increasingly considering eco-friendly options and models like the Toyota Corolla and Honda Fit. These models are known for their fuel efficiency, which aligns with this evolving preference. The presence of hybrid and electric vehicles in the second-hand market is also growing, offering environmentally conscious choices for Kenyan drivers.

Emerging Trends and Future Prospects:

Looking ahead, the second-hand car market in Kenya is poised for continued growth. Technological advancements, increased awareness of sustainable practices, and the availability of diverse models contribute to a dynamic landscape. The used car market is growing, and due to the competition, the sellers have become more specific regarding their inventory. If you go to a used car seller in Kenya, it is likely that you will get a car in good condition under your budget. The sellers and their staff try to understand the needs and preferences of their customers and guide them accordingly. Platforms like SBT Japan are likely to play a pivotal role in shaping the market, providing buyers with a curated selection, and ensuring a reliable purchasing experience. They have well-trained staff to ensure a smooth process and customer satisfaction.

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In conclusion, the second-hand car market in Kenya presents a diverse array of options for buyers, catering to different preferences and budgets. Whether you opt for the fuel efficiency of a Toyota Corolla Fielder, the versatility of a Nissan X-Trail 20X, the compact design of a Honda Fit E HEV HOME, the reliability of a Mazda Demio 13C, or the ruggedness of a Subaru Legacy Outback, the choices are abundant.

Trusted platforms like SBT Japan and SBT Kenya help buyers navigate the market effectively. Consequently, they ensure that buyers can make well-informed decisions when purchasing their desired second-hand car. Furthermore, these platforms offer a wide selection of desired second-hand cars, thus providing buyers with ample choices. Moreover, the top 5 picks for 2024 continue to remain reliable, ensuring consistent quality, reliability, and affordability for Kenyan drivers. As a result, Kenyan drivers greatly benefit from these options, which cater to their diverse needs and preferences.