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SEMA Car Show Ends With A SHOCKING Bang Between Jeep And a FERRARI!


Year after year it has become a tradition in the automobile industry to make its presence known all over the world with numerous auto and car shows. It includes the newest and most amazing creations by reputed companies and their introduction in the market. Each automotive giant tries to out do the other with their edgy and classy vehicle intent to out do the other and capture the audience’s attention.

The SEMA Auto show in Las Vegas has been all over the news with its cutting edge and out of the box approach every year that is unmatched by any other all over the world. However in its concluding moments the event did go out with a bang LITERALLY. The deafening crash between the huge Jeep and the newest latest Ferrari captured the attention of everyone present there. The customized Ferrari 458 Italia had its rear crashed into a lifted Jeep and it broke all our hearts as much as the car itself. Now that is one OUCH moment SEMA did not want as the cherry on top of their three tiered extremely delicious chocolate cake of an event!