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Your Toyota Car Bonnet Will Be Your Computer Screen…!!!



We have all smart technologies everywhere From TV to cars. As an automotive and technological website we will share with you some of the breakthrough in automobile engineering and this time it is not for just in engine but on the car exterior as well.

Toyota, A prestigious automobile company from Japan has just showcased its concept that will please kids and not for adults this time.

The company has introduced “Camatte concept” that enable you to design the design or have a picture on your car front hood. You will be able to put your own photo or you can even put a beautiful painting on the car hood.

We know that it’s a quite optimistic take from Toyota but at least we can say that there are some possibilities of having these types of technology in automobile engineering very soon. In present time we see all LCD screens on car dashboard in Mercedes Benz and Tesla. So we can say the possibilities are endless as we just saw Google and other technological giants like Apple and Microsoft have shown their interest in car play operating systems that will enable users to change the layout of their dashboards and do what we can do on their cell phone like GPS navigation, make or receive calls and messages and even create or edit their playlist.

If companies can change the interior of the cars with bright vibrant LED or LCD display then why not we could see these types of screens outside the vehicle.