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Shocking Car Crushing Children Advert Sparks Outrage!!!


Thousands of lives are lost every year due to speeding on the road. The consequences of such actions and high speeding are out of control of the driver and can result in fatal accidents which no one can physically or mentally recover from. In order to address this issue which as been under the spotlight since the inception of automobile industry, DOE introduced an advert that turned out to be so intense that it sparked intense comments relating to the material used in the footage. However with the casual nature of speeding nowadays it is high time such reality is brought to light where the lives once lost can never be regained no matter the effort involved.


The Irish Television broadcasted an advertisement by DOE which focuses on the repercussions of fast driving. In the advertisement it is shown that a class of school children are going on a field trip and enjoying nature and having a picnic lunch together laughing and playing all around. In a twist of event, a man who is driving extremely fast loses control of the vehicle and the vehicle comes crashing down on the children crushing them all to death. The footage does not eliminate the gruesome and tragic scenes to create the intensity of lack of responsibility on the part of drivers. This advert was created to bring into light the fact that more than a class room of children since 2000. The “Shame On You” campaign aims to attract attention to the responsibility of the adults and their dire needs to be careful on the road.