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Shocking Man Hits Traffic Camera and Drives Off With It!

In one of the most shocking hit and run accidents, this one definitely takes the cake. The usual process is that motorists are caught by red light cameras for speeding or dangerous driving but this was completely the other way round. In Marysville California, a driver who apparently was in a hurry hit a traffic camera and the genius did not stop in the dire situation but ran off in his car with it.

Manuel Montano Herrera, 19, while speeding hit a his car into a pole with the traffic camera mounted on it. The incident was a sight to behold as the pole completely broke and landed on the back of the driver’s pickup. The police later reported that instead of stopping after the near fatal accident, the driver decided best to slam on the accelerator and drive off with the pole and the camera in the rear of the pick up truck. However this did not stop the driver to abide by the rules as he stopped at the very next light and turned the corner to from there to take off.

The driver reliving the Grand Theft Auto scenario was later on charged with hit and run traffic collision along with grand theft. While the pole and camera have been recovered the police has stated that it will take several thousand dollars to make the repair.