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Shocking News: FBI Says Driverless Cars Can Be Bombs…!!!

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We always give latest news about technology especially technology in automobile industry. But sometimes things don’t go the way that it was meant to be. Same story goes with Google’s latest self driving cars.

When this concept was showcased by the company then it got very positive response and we are not saying that the project is now completely fail but we can say that it will face some difficulties to implement this technology in the market and penetrate to the masses.

Recently there is some development on this issue and this time the obligating party is none other than FBI.


Google blended up an incredible buzz a couple of weeks over with its most recent heading toward oneself auto outline, yet the FBI isn’t persuaded the tech headways are in general society’s best investment. In a report acquired by The Guardian, the authority cautions that the independent vehicles much to a greater extent a “deadly weapon” than they are today, because of the limit for felonious “multitasking.” The contention is that hoodlums can stop their followers without the need to watch the thruway. It’s significant that the monstrous armada of vehicles officially out and about are really perilous themselves. It’s not all fate and melancholy however, as the FBI’s report sees less demanding reconnaissance of suspects and a diminishment in the sum mischances identified with diverted drivers or misguided thinking.