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SHOCKING Selfie Taken In Car With A DEAD BODY!


One of the trending sensations nowadays is the fever that has gripped the young generation all over the world – SELFIES! For those who are not familiar with the phenomenon, a selfie is the act of taking ones own picture by extending your arm and clicking on the camera aimed at your face. It goes most commonly with duck faces and teethy smiles and anyone who is anyone is taking this way to seriously. The selfie fever has resulted in numerous accidents since your eyes are focused up on the camera and not infront to see what is before you. Just a couple of months ago two Iranian women were in a severe car crash because they decided to take a selfie on the road while driving sitting behind the wheel.

However that pales in comparison with what we came across today. Brace yourself for the news that will make you realize that humanity is surely now in the most deepest and lowest levels of utter and sheer doom. An Instagram user recently uploaded a selfie on the social platform and the catch is that it was taken with a dead body! a friend of the selfie taker died due to overdose and the genius decided to dump the body and post the selfie on Facebook instead. Hats off to this genius.