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Shuddle Is The New Uber For Kids!


Uber has become a grand commuting sensation specially in San Francisco. The commuting agency allows the user to go to their apps and hit the alert button in order to be picked up from their place in the nearest Uber car in their area for a small amount of payment. This has made life easier for alot of people who have to commute daily and do not own a vehicle themselves. Not only does it save money for them from purchasing to maintaining a car along with gas costs, it is accessible easily everywhere at any time.

Shuddle is the new Uber but specifically for kids. This allows the parents to get hold of the Shuddle service which can be done a week before and all the details of the driver will be sent to them. Not only that but once the car picks their children up for softball practice or other activities, the parents can monitor the car’s movements in real time making sure their child reaches the place safely. Apart from that payments are made online so parents don’t have to worry about giving their children a fistful of cash. Now that is one initiative that will make parenting a lot more easier.