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Smart Cars Come With Smart Thieves!


The modern age of technology has made many advancements in every industry. Be it computers or medicine or science or automobiles, you are amazed at the rate of the progress being experienced. It comes as no surprise though that automobiles are now self driving, autonomous, can communicate with each other, steering less and can self par. Above all now all you need is a simple click of a button on the car remote to turn it on without any hassle with the ignition. Well the age of the ‘Smart’ if brings forward smart cars it also attracts smart thieves.

Vehicles that can be accessed with smart devices are now the main target of thieves who are lets face ti technologically smarter than us. All they need is a simple remote control device to hack into our keyless cars. Through that they can hack into the online system and reprogram them at will making stealing a piece of cake. Few of the major cars which are vulnerable to such attacks is the Jaguar Land Rover, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Range Rover Evoque, Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter. Well there is a challenge for you automobile industry. Check Mate!