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Smart Cars To Car Thief: GOTCHA! You’re On Candid Camera!


With the technological revolution the world is facing at the moment, it does not come as a surprise that the automotive industry is being affected by it. Now that people can control their in house automation even after being continents apart, the security features have been strengthened with numerous electronic barriers standing in the way. You never know you could be on film or camera or there just might be an alarm button that is automatically activated upon not recognizing you in the facial recognition list and thus alarm the authorities.


The time of the smart car has begun. Thus we now travel in cars that can see, hear, talk and move at their own will with only one aim in common: Keep the driver safe! Now cars are being fitted with facial recognition system that are to recognize the faces of family members or close friends whose recognition you want in the system. Any other individual who might possibly be a thief will not not be recorded on camera but will be caught by automatically alarming the authorities of a possible break in or attempt to steal vehicle. The technology is already being implemented on numerous houses and residential areas where as cars are the next in line for a super strong tank security system.