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Smashing Your Brand New Porsche Within Seconds Will Make You Want To Kill Yourself!


One of the most difficult decisions of your life that you come across is the car your want to purchase. The ideal vehicle that you have always dreamed of is a luxurious vehicle that is sleek, smooth, shiny and completely irresistible. It glides on the road like a smooth snake making its way to the destination with supreme finesse and composure. There are very few vehicles that are included in such a category and very few who actually make the cut. So what happens when you actually get your hands on it. It’s a dream come true. Well maybe not.


A woman just got her dream car that was worth 50,000 pound but karma was against her from the beginning. Ping Chang from China after just purchasing one of the most exclusive Porsche’s available to mankind did the unthinkable ruining her precious from her own two feet. The clueless lady mixed up the throttle with the brake and ended up crashing the beauty seconds are purchasing it. The unlucky lady accelerated the car into a lane of cars waiting for the red light to turn green. The salespeople from the Porsche showroom were still waving her goodbye when they heard and then saw an earsplitting bang watching the amazing vehicle crush before their own eyes. Now that is what you call tough luck.