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Snow And Ice Check Mates Google Car!


The year 2014 has been one of the most spectacular years for the automobile industry. While it has been under the light of millions of recalls of reputed automobile companies, the industry has experienced technological innovations and implementation that were considered impossible once. With Google’s self driving vehicle to communicating cars to steering less vehicles to flying automobiles, these were some of the highlights of the technological innovation experienced b the industry. Just feels like yesterday when the concept of flying cars ws just limited to the cartoon Jetson’s and that we were stuck in Flintstones. Not anymore though.

Google’s self driving vehicle is one of the most momentous technological developments. The minimal need for human interaction is what make the vehicle most attractive. However nature triumphs this time with its extreme grudges against technological progress. The winter season bringing snow and ice and harsh weather into the picture proved to be too difficult to be handled by the Google car. Humans themselves have minimal visibility in such weather and the vehicle under such circumstances did not perform up to the mark making it a high safety hazard to use in such conditions.