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Social Media To Help In Catching Car Thief!


The 21st century has revolutionized every thing in the newest technological way possible. Where every single industry is backed by technological innovation to further progress and growth, there are two sides to every coin. The hackers and the thieves have become technologically equipped as well and just as smarter as the good guys. So it is still challenge to catch these personnel since they know how to cover their tracks and make sure of not being caught. But the simplest things let you get caught in the most surprising manner and this time its the social media.

A college student got her car stolen a Ford Focus. A week later that same vehicle was involved in a car crash that hit another man sending him to the hospital emergency. Upon that incident the suspect flew the crime scene and has still not been caught. The original owner of the car unable to figure out what to do got her hands on an image of the red light camera that has the clear shot of the thief’s face. Since it is not a matter of the car being stolen anymore but that of a man being seriously injured, the college student has taken to social media publishing that picture on social forums to get a hit of the thief’s identity. The car found later on had traces of DNA which is now being tested to determine the identity of the thief.