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Sports Car Can Be A Killer?… RIP Paul Walker (Fast and the Furious Actor)


Paul walker, as we all know the superstar of the renowned Hollywood film franchise called “Fast and the Furious”. We know that the hero was the most favorite actor the movie and you liked him too.

Unfortunately, he is now not amongst us as he died recently in a very bad road accident while he was commuting in Red colored Porsche Carrera GT” and his friend was driving a car. There are many speculation we heard and read on internet about his death we believe whatever the reason behind his death, May God rest him in peace.


The point of discussing this very touchy topic with our readers is that we want you all know that exceeding speed limits and voiding traffic laws can cause anything bad in our lives.

Right after the incident one of the discussion point was the company Porsche, who manufacture that red super car called Porsche Carrera GT.


The $450,000 two seater was proclaimed as one of the speediest autos available when it appeared something like eight years prior, with top pace higher than 200 mph. Presently, as the model is getting a more intensive look succeeding the appalling accident including the Fast and Furious performer, masters say it’s a troublesome auto to control when flying at a top velocity.


“It’s an unadulterated racer’s auto,” Todd Trimble, an extraordinary auto workman in Las Vegas, told CNN. “You truly need to comprehend what you’re doing when you drive them. Also quite a few people are taking in the hard way.”

In spite of the fact that Porsche initially wanted to generate 1,500 of the autos, it ceased the model following two years because of changing airbag regulations in the U.s. Just about 1,270 GT models had been made at the time, with 604 sold in the U.s. The auto included in Walker’s passing allegedly had six holders before the accident.


“It wouldn’t be fitting to remark on much else besides that we are profoundly disheartened about the demise of the people and are completely coordinating with agents. We are ready to help in any capacity required.”

Albeit Twork declined to remark on why the auto was stopped, he said, “It’s an auto we sold for a period about nine years prior — at the time it was sold, it surpassed all security benchmarks.”

In 2006, the model was offered on a scene of Top Gear. Show moderator Jeremy Clarkson said, “Not just is it one of the quickest and most energizing autos I’ve ever determined, it’s likewise a standout amongst the most delightful.” But he additionally cautioned: “Commit an error … it nibbles your head off.”


Clarkson credits this to absence of strength control and the auto’s lightweight nature. Solidness control innovation keeps autos from sliding, assists with directing when they lose control and on occasion decreases motor force until the driver recovers control. The motor of this specific model is additionally in the center, which helps the auto turn rapidly.



In the end we must say “please follow the traffic rules and don’t exceed speed limits as we all have our loved ones at our homes and love and care for us more than we imagine.”