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Stand Back! There Is Another Challenger Against Tesla In Electric Cars!


What would come to your mind if someone asked you about a car which is an electric and high performing, high end, impeccably designed and manufactures in Silicon Valley? The go to answer to that easy riddle is the Tesla Roadster hands down. The electric car manufacturer is all the rage nowadays by introducing vehicles that are a serious threat to the fuel pumped vehicles cruising on the roads nowadays. As soon as charging technology is streamlined to minimize the cost of the electric vehicle, major automotive giants will have a serious problem at their hands. But its not like Tesla has nothing to worry about. Stand back Tesla there is a challenger in town with eyes directly on you.

In the latest announcement it was stated that Renovo Motors unveiled a Renovo Coupe 2015 which is an electric vehicle that is 0.3 seconds faster than the Tesla Roadster and can fast charge in 30 minutes. With that kind of charging capability at hand, Tesla’s fans will be diverting towards Renovo Coupe. It is yet to see how Tesla responds to this competitor and what the next move will be. For us, it’s going to be a fun ride either way.