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STOP…!!! Dont Use Voice to Text While Driving … It’s Extremely Dangerous…!!!


We see allot of awareness programs and adverts about texting while driving is dangerous and we totally agree with it.


It is not because while texting driver cannot focus properly on driving that can be a major cause of accident. We heard hundreds of accident cases and amongst them we find it as a main cause. Recently a survey by the Texas Transportation Institute suggests that texting over voice commands also causes the lack of concentration while driving.


In truth, voice-to-content regularly took longer than manual information, because of the need to adjust writing disparities while utilizing the product: “in any case you’re utilizing your psyche to attempt to consider what you’re attempting to say, and that as a substitute causes some driving impedance, and that declines your reaction time.” The greater issue is that the drivers clearly felt more secure when utilizing voice-based section, despite the fact that test results demonstrated that reaction times were almost as contrarily influenced. “It is imperative to teach the general population that even these apparently new preoccupations are still diversions, and it will help individuals be more secure when they get into the vehicle,” Yager included.

After this study we suggest that our life is more precious than any text message reply or phone call.