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Super COOL and Easy Way to Clean Headlights Almost Free!


One of the very things that can cause issues while driving is the low visibility and the inability to see the road. Polluted and blurred vision through dirty headlights can be a factor in this situation through which accidents can be caused mostly at night. The exterior of the car gives off an offending aura through dirty headlights as well. The usual way to do that is through wash and splash process of the car that is not durable for longer intervals. We have found an easy most efficient and quick way to clean your car’s headlights that will remain shining and will provide clarity for longer periods.

Your solution to the super shiny and super clean headlights – TOOTHPASTE! The most efficient way to do that is to amply apply layers of toothpaste of the headlights and slowly spread it out with the help of a wash cloth on to the whole surface. After  the whole surface is covered with tooth paste all you have to do it take a wet cloth and scrub the toothpaste off. This will result in a super shiny and super clean headlight surface that is sure to leave you and your car with a 1000 Watt smile!