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Suprisingly Some Cars Are Easy to be Theft!


According to one recent survey conducted by National Insurance Crime Bureau in USA it has been claimed that regardless of the technological advancement and despite of the fact that cars today are equipped with exceptional security measures. However the car manufacturers are putting in all the efforts to bring up to the mark , secure car which can be saved from being theft via sirens, security alarms, locks and car gps tracking etc there are still few loopholes.

These loopholes are not in the manufacturing or security of these upgraded cars but the way they are being handled by the car owners. The NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) investigation department found out that most of the cases reported about car theft were due to the reason that car owners leave behind their cars with keys inside the ignition. No matter they are going to pick up some stuff for two minutes leaving their cars and valuable stuff in the parking with the keys inside the ignition it is nearly impossible for any security measures to identify who is going to be seated on the driving seat.

The surprising reason behind increasing number of car thefts in California left those who reported their stolen cars speechless since the investigation revealed the facts with sound and authentic proofs. The car owners in a few cases admitted their mistake that they were keeping this thing into practice and used to leave their cars behind without being bothered it might be stolen with in a wink of an eye.

The authorities concerned advised the car owners to be aware of such crimes in the state and never ever leave their cars with car keys inside the ignition or they have suffer the loss of their valuable asset since it has nothing to do with the current security measures provided with the car by manufacturer!