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Sylvester Stallone Death News In Car Accident Goes Viral!


The age of the internet and the social media has numerous pros and cons that come along the way on daily basis. Where there is a huge inflow of information and constructive data there is an even grater pile of useless and potentially dangerous information that we have to sift through to get to the good stuff. At all times we must be aware or the reality or whether we are becoming a pawn in the game of spams and other potentially harmful activities. One of such elements is the news that spreads like wildfire without much authenticity and confirmation.

The recent new of the Hollywood super star Sylvester Stallone who has been present in the iconic roles of Rambo, Rocky and Expendables was just another fake bomb that burst on the social media. The fake news of the actors death in a gruesome car crash and accident went viral on all social media platforms amidst the release of the block buster Expendables 3. The car crash was said to be caused by drunk driving of Stallone’s driver who did not see the truck coming. Fans of the star were left in shock and awe but were later relaxed when they realized that the post of the car crash was fake.