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Taxi Strike Paralyzes Europe Transportation!


Europe has been put to halt courtesy the most used transportation service all over the continent – the Taxis. There has been an increasingly edginess among the taxi community due to the San Francisco start up Uber. The protest had resulted in a havoc and stand still where transportation users are unable to reach their required destinations on time or at all.


The reason the strike has paralyzed the whole of the continent with London and Paris being a major supporter of the strike is the San Francisco start up that allows the user to access an application with the touch of a button and summons the ride with the least amount of inconvenience. The taxi drivers claim that not only have they been stealing the business that they are also free of the stringent government regulations that are imposed on the taxi services all over Europe. Uber who is heavily under fire has used the strike to its own advantage unethical it may be. The service has been offering discounts and has witnessed an increase in downloads by 850% by Wednesday. It is yet to see how long the strike will go but the consistent effort by the whole community has shown a combined declaration that does not seem to be shaking in the near future. The government needs to take consideration of the strike as soon as possible as it is creating havoc for the transporters and the users themselves.