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Terminator Genisys Is Back With A Bang With Cartwheeling School Bus!


One of the most fond memories of my childhood was sitting down infront of the television, putting on my ray ban glasses, having a huge can of Pepsi on the side and watching the movie marathon for Terminator. I used to watched it over and over again and getting goosebumps every single time i heard Arnold saying, ‘I’ll be back!”. Now that is the kind of excitement that stays with a kid all his life and makes the time most memorable. Imagine my instant high when i realized that there is a new Terminator coming to town by the name Terminator Genisys!

The trailer of the movie is all shock and awe with the man against the machines for the survival of mankind itself along with Arnold without whom the movie would really not be complete. The most epic moment of the trailer for me was the scene of the school bus cartwheeling in slow motion and bracing myself for the crash that we will be able to experience on the big screen. Well I’ll be back is sure as hell back with a BANG and i for one cannot wait to see it!