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Tesla Coming Up With Model 3?


Making headlines throughout the world with the introduction of the electric car, Tesla has come a long way. Not only has the company grown strong and earned respect and recognition but is now one of the leading contenders that are challenging the automobile world from a new angle. The electric car maker spread its vibes with the technology that will nullify the use of fuel and the cost related to it all the while providing a high performing vehicle working on electric charge.


To add to the Tesla family, its third generation car is now being introduced by the name of “Model 3”. The name of the vehicle has failed to impress the intended audience with its monotonous tones and lack of personality. However in reply to such comments a statement was made that Tesla wants to focus solely on the brand and not on individual vehicles but whole as a company. The dilution with additional marketing will hurt the brand rather than doing the opposite. However the fans have already nicknamed the vehicle “Gen-III” to put a spin to the dull name. Not only is the name change in order but the battery pack is being upgraded as well. Lets see how well the audience respond to the Model 3 introduction and what Tesla has to say about that.