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Tesla Model S Will Make You Eyes Pop As It LIGHTS UP While Driving!


The year 2014 has been one of the most ground breaking years for automobiles and its latest technological developments. From self driving vehicles to communicating cars there has been enormous leaps of development by numerous automobile manufacturers all over the world. One of the prominent figures in this regard is the introduction of the completely electric vehicle by none other than Tesla. It has captured the attention of even the most waver customers and now has something so unique to offer that you will be desperately wanting to get your hands on one of these bad boys.

The Tesla Model S is one cool vehicle and what could make it more cooler? Apparently it is electric paint! The vehicle has taken the term ‘electric vehicle’ to a whole new level with the newly introduced feature. Painted with Electroluminescent Coating System by Lumilor paint franchise, the paint turns on through electric charge when the car is started. The design incorporated on the vehicle is an edgy and energetic electric blue waves all over the in-formidable Tesla Model S. This is one such vehicle no one can wait to get their hands on which the spirit and the personality of a firework.