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Tesla Motors Support Tesla Scientist Museum


The buzz about Tesla the computer integrated engine less car is in full swing. Everyone in the automobile industry is talking about this next generation car. Today this blog is dedicated to the handsome amount donation made by the CEO of Tesla Motor.

Like the car itself, there was once a scientist by the name of Nikola Tesla, having big dreams. He had no association with the car company that we favor today, rather he was best known to be the pioneer of alternate current and had a laboratory known as Wardenclyffe. The laboratory was built to make wireless energy available to world, yet with funding cut off the facility became a mini cemetery.


Years later the wireless tower was demolished yet the laboratory remained there. A few days back, it was communicated that Nikola Tesla’s laboratory will be converted to museum if initial finance of approximately $ 1.7 million can be arranged. The concept got viral and at last Tesla Motor took step and donated $ 1 million to the cause. It is a good start for Tesla Motor Company that is technology enthusiast, showing the level of integrity this automobile manufacturer brings.

In this way, Tesla Motors has supported a legend that is identical in name, creating pulse in digital arena and fulfilling corporate social responsibility.