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Tesla Now Offers You Your Personalized Named Vehicle!


Tesla has been dominating the automobile news since the introduction of its electric vehicle that has everyone swooning over it like the latest iPhone 6 or 6 plus. The automotive company has introduced one of the most technologically updated and electric charged vehicle that does not require fuel at all for its efficient functioning. The vehicle in question is locked through cyber locks and is completely safe and secure no matter where you are.

In the latest news it has come to light that Tesla has introduced the new Model S software that personalizes your car with the name of your choice that makes it much more individual oriented. The vehicle will cater to your personal preferences be it in any application. In your daily commute the vehicle will provide alternate routes in case of traffic jam in your route further down the lane. You will also be able to sync your address with the application after which you just have to input the event you have to go and your car will provide the navigation as required instantly. These kinds of perks have given Tesla an comfortable edge from its competitors unlike any other.