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Tesla S Eyes ‘The Most American Made Car’ Spot!


Every year releases a list of the most American made cars which is based on numerous factors. The manufacturing volume, demand, sales, policies, environmental friendliness and numerous other factors are taken into account before releasing the list comprising of the most exclusive cars. This year the one hitting the top of the list mark is Ford-150 due to high sales and domestic parts sourcing.

However there is another name in contention the is being tipped off as the next most American based car. It is Tesla Motors Inc. most prized possession with the electric vehicle spreading its vibe all over the world. The vehicle is aimed to grab the top spot due to the company’s policies, environmental awareness, transparency and the most highlighting factor is the construction of the brand new Gigafactory. The new factory is expected to make 500,000 vehicles per year which will be a $5 billion endeavor that is sure to support Tesla in getting the top spot of the Most American Made Cars in the country. The added benefit of cost reduction due to the absence of fuel is one of the most contributing factor in Tesla’s popularity. The vehicle only needs an official title that is quite a formality with the sales already sky rocketing resulting in a great boost Tesla is enjoying at the moment.