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Tesla’s Security Breach – A Password Away?



Trouble for Tesla
Tesla Motor Inc. has been making headlines with its electric vehicle that completely diminishes the fuel usage problem solving the dire situation of depleting resources. The car of the future that has received raving reviews from numerous critics, auto professional and other professionals holds a little secret glitch over looked by many. The impressive car can be virtually located and unlocked by simple hacking techniques according to the latest research conducted on Tesla's security system.

Research Results
Nitesh Dhanjani who is a corporate security consultant, an author of numerous hacking literature and a Tesla owner himself, conducted a research on the Tesla Model S sedan and uncovered numeorus design flaws in the security system. He stated that no other major flaws relating to Tesla's design had been uncovered during the process and his findings had been shared with Tesla immediately. Patrick Jones who is a Tesla spokesperson exclaimed his inclination towards studying the results proposed by the research. He stressed that Tesla's dedicated team of top notch professionals overlooking the security system actively support such researches in order to up their game in the automotive market.

Key Fob Issue
The presence of the key fob is essential to driving a Tesla Model S vehicle which can through numerous hacking techniques can be unlocked through wirelessly sent commands over the internet. The six character password is a flimsy technique which is allocated to every Tesla owner as a security code for locking unlocking. It is highly risky to rely a $100,000 vehicle on the basis of a sic character static password.