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Text And Drive Blast! VW safety first Subliminal Message


Every years thousands of people die because of texting while driving. Understanding this; a number of authorities have been sending messages across globe through social media, print media and electronic media.

But the experience advertising is something that is yet to develop and is very much effective. As in such case it is not the conscious mind that gets message but the subconscious mind also gets involved. This lead to square effect of result generation in long run. Cashing the effect Volkswagen came up with an advertising strategy that was focused on small group of people; but became viral in social media and internet.

In a local cinema of Hong Kong technology savy people were exposed to the experience of reading text leading to accident. No one expected this when entering cinema, as everyone was happy and expecting an exciting experience.

Yet the excitement and thrill of movie was experienced but a drill happened before that. The meters were placed under seats and on screen the person on steering wheel is shown. After sometime a text is send to most people in the theatre and boom…

Yes a blast is heard, to find out what happened click the video below: