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The 23 Feet Transformer From Ordinary Man

Transformer series is a dream come true for car lovers with a pinch of technology. There have been many transformations seen in movie from the average car to the robotic form. They fight evil machines and save the world making it a better place to live for humans.

Yet when we see closely, they are still robotics that are hard to move. But this does not prevent people from liking it any less. Here are the design transformations that we can see real time.

And here is another one being on road.


Yet there is nothing unusual in these robotics as multiple people have invested day and night with cameras and special effects to make it happen.

Although if I tell you, that a 23 feet transformer was built by ordinary men of north central state of America, it might be a surprise.

Yes get ready to see the robot that was built in a way that the front upper part is the combination of bumper and rear doors, followed by welding of head in a way that the being look real.


The hands rest on the building roof with chassis being the backbone. The lower part is composed of front door and bumper turning real for feet.


Look closely how it looks.


Hence this ordinary man converted his car extra ordinary, my transformation to Transformer car. This time it is real. Hats off to creativity!