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The 3 Foot Safety Rule Is Happening!


Even with the increasing safety features in automobiles there are still accidents happening all over the world. The people are now equipped with the latest technological gadgets that can prevent accidents and crashes quite easily but the element of human nature is still lacking. People may be driving while unattentive, driving under the influence, distracted or using cell phone that can cause accidents to happen and costing thousands of lives on highways on yearly basis. The safety regulations are being regulated all over the world to fight the situation at hand.

One such regulation that is being implemented now is the 3 foot safety rule. This rule ensures that the distance between two vehicle be it two cars, two trucks, two bikes or any car and a bike or any vehicle has to be atleast of 3 feet. There has been close shaves in this regard by cars an bikes driving so close by that it resulted in breaking the side mirror. The presence of such a distance in between vehicle will result in a safe amount of driving safe that will prevent hits and crashes and prevent cars from getting out of control on the road.